BeerCast #60 – Purity Showcase

Apr 23, 2011
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BeerCast #60 – Purity Showcase. The award-winning Purity Brewing Company from Warwickshire sent us some review samples for a podcast – so we turn the airwaves over to another Brewery Showcase. As they make only three beers (which is fairly unusual for a modern producer these days), we throw in a bonus fourth beer from London’s Kernel Brewery – their monumental Imperial Stout. On the panel today – Richard, Grooben and Shovels. Big thanks to Kirsten at Purity for sending the review samples through!

1. Purity Pure Gold (4.3%)
2. Purity Mad Goose (4.2%)
3. Purity Pure UBU (4.5%)
4. Kernel Imperial Stout (12.5%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #59 – IPA is Dead

Mar 29, 2011

BeerCast #59 – IPA is Dead. Last month Fraserburgh’s BrewDog released a series of four India Pale Ales to showcase the wonderful versatility of hops. Our panel sample each of the 7.5% beers – the only difference between them being the variety of hop used – and discuss whether is really means the end for IPA, or just another beginning. To test things a bit further, we throw in another singe hop IPA for good measure – well, why not? On the panel today – Richard, Shovels, Grooben and Stu. Stand by for big scores, big discussions, and the best way of cleaning a lion’s cage…

1. BrewDog IPA is Dead Bramling X (7.5%)
2. BrewDog IPA is Dead Nelson Sauvin (7.5%)
3. BrewDog IPA is Dead Sorachi Ace (7.5%)
4. BrewDog IPA is Dead Citra (7.5%)
5. Kernel IPA Citra (7.2%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #58 – The Long Americans

Feb 15, 2011

BeerCast #58 – The Long Americans. Our panel get to grips with some exceedingly lengthily titled American craft beers. Shovels went on a pre-Christmas jaunt to Florida and managed to take a taxi to a notable St Petersburg area beer shop. $130 and a bulging suitcase later – he returned to the UK laden with beery goodness. Sharing the spoils with him on this episode are Richard, Grooben and MrB…

1. Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest (6.7%)
2. Rogue Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale (5.2%)
3. Hoppin’ Frog Hoppin’ to Heaven IPA (6.8%)
4. Southern Tier Un*Earthly Imperial IPA (9.8%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #57 – London Calling

Jan 18, 2011
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A rare appearance by the lesser spotted London panel for this December winter warmer edition. Hosted by chief non-beer beer expert Andy of Any & Jess with co-host Jess of Jess & Andy and joined by Andrew Hayes, Marc Rollins and BeerCast newbie Kath McKie the panel delve into:

1. Thwaites Very Nutty Black (3.9%)
2. Skinners Cornish Knocker (4.5%)
3. Nils God Lager (5.3%)
4. Ringwood OLd Thumper (5.6%)

BeerCast #56 – Beer of the Year 2010

Jan 6, 2011
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BeerCast #56 – Our 2010 Beer of the Year Show! We re-sample four of the highest-scoring beers from our 2010 podcasts and pick a winner. That winner joins our three previous BeerCast Beers of the Year – Anchor Special Ale 2006, HopBack Summer Lightning, and Stone Ruination IPA. On the specially extended panel today – Richard, Grooben, MrB, Andy, Shovels, Jess and a podcast debut for Katie…

1. Tryst Raj IPA (5.5%)
2. Odell Isolation Ale (6.1%)
3. Kernel IPA C.S.C. (7.1%)
4. BrewDog Abstrakt AB:01 (10.2%)

2010 Beer of the Year Preview

Dec 27, 2010
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As things wind down over Christmas we traditionally turn our attention towards the annual BeerCast Beer of the Year Show. We tally up the scores achieved by each ale podcasted over the last twelve months, and take the four highest scoring [more on this in a moment] away to a secret location for a re-sample. […]

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