BeerCast #62 – Hardknott Showcase

Jun 22, 2011
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BeerCast #62 – Hardknott Showcase. Cumbria’s Hardknott Brewery are the latest to feature in a BeerCast Showcase – during a recent trip to London we found four of their beers at Borough Market’s UtoBeer. Founded by publican Dave Bailey in 2005, the distinctive and interesting beers have hit a cord with British bloggers. Our panel of Richard, Shovels and Blair get to grips with them, along with a number of other subjects…

1. Hardknott Dark Energy (4.9%)
2. Hardknott Infra Red (6.5%)
3. Hardknott Queboid (8.0%)
4. Hardknott Granite 2009 (10.4%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #59 – IPA is Dead

Mar 29, 2011

BeerCast #59 – IPA is Dead. Last month Fraserburgh’s BrewDog released a series of four India Pale Ales to showcase the wonderful versatility of hops. Our panel sample each of the 7.5% beers – the only difference between them being the variety of hop used – and discuss whether is really means the end for IPA, or just another beginning. To test things a bit further, we throw in another singe hop IPA for good measure – well, why not? On the panel today – Richard, Shovels, Grooben and Stu. Stand by for big scores, big discussions, and the best way of cleaning a lion’s cage…

1. BrewDog IPA is Dead Bramling X (7.5%)
2. BrewDog IPA is Dead Nelson Sauvin (7.5%)
3. BrewDog IPA is Dead Sorachi Ace (7.5%)
4. BrewDog IPA is Dead Citra (7.5%)
5. Kernel IPA Citra (7.2%) @thebeercast

Mitchell Krause Showcase

Feb 7, 2011
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We’ve written before about ‘cuckoo’ brewers – those who have to use the facilities of others to get their brewing done. Whilst it may be an unfortunate term, it’s a necessary option in the current climate, where the outlay on a bespoke facility is simply too expensive for many. It has become a useful stepping […]

BeerCast #52 – Kernel Brewery Showcase

Oct 27, 2010
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BeerCast #52 – Kernel Brewery Showcase. BeerCaster Richard was recently working in London, and managed to pay a visit to one of the rising stars of British brewing – Evin O’Riordain. Having founded the Kernel Brewery in Bermondsey just over a year ago, he is getting rave reviews (not to mention awards) for his strong IPA’s and traditional dark London beers. Joining Richard on this showcase are MrB, Shovels and Grooben. Big thanks to Evin for showing Richard round his brewery!

1. Kernel Pale Ale Centennial (5.2%)
2. Kernel IPA C.S.C. (7.1%)
3. Kernel Porter (6.1%)
4. Kernel Export Stout 1890 London (7.8%) @thebeercast

Whitstable Brewery showcase

Jul 28, 2010
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The famed Whitstable Oyster Festival is taking place at the moment, in the agreeable seaside town on the north Kent coast known throughout the country for it’s slippery bivalves. However, an outbreak of shellfish herpes virus has decimated the cultivated molluscs in the area, further punishing a beleaguered industry already suffering from reduced harvests. In […]

Hobson’s Choice

May 29, 2010
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Oddbins are not usually known for their beer sales, having become an established name on the UK high street due to their wines – but maybe that’s starting to change. The closure of some of their competing chains (Threshers, Wine Rack) has meant it more likely grain fans will turn up trying to find something […]

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