The BeerCast began in April 2007; the result of a group of friends attempting to improve the quality of their nights out. Back then, none of us knew anything about beer, drinking only what we could recognise, which was invariably bland and mass-produced. There’s nothing really wrong with those kinds of beers – but British brewing is booming, and there’s never been a better time to try something different. This is where the BeerCast comes in!

For the last eight years I’ve been reporting on what’s happening in the British, Scottish and Edinburgh beer scenes. My adopted home city is known for many things, but it really has become a significant beer town since this blog began; new breweries and pubs open all the time, and beers are released seemingly every week.

With this in mind, every Sunday I publish the Edinburgh Beer Weekly – a listings guide to all the beery events in town over the next seven days. The BeerCasts we used to produce have taken a back seat – since recording over seventy podcasts, it’s been harder to get everyone together (life has gotten in the way). However, this has meant I’ve been able to fully concentrate on what’s happening in Scotland, who is making a name for themselves, and why the British brewing industry is the best in the world.

CantillonPersonally speaking, I’m a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, and have written for several beer-related publications. I have judged at CAMRA, SIBA and other beer competitions for several years. In December 2013 I was awarded the Brains SA Gold Award for online media at the British Guild of Beer Writers’ Awards. In November 2014 I left my day job and joined BrewDog, working full-time within the industry as a beer writer, producing BrewDog’s blog, magazine Hop Propaganda, label copy, beermats, pretty much anything involving clacking on a keyboard.

I am still writing the BeerCast however, and also still retain a freelance capacity, and am available for commissioned pieces of work; please drop me an email at the gmail address – likewise, if you’d like to ask me any questions about Edinburgh, or Scottish brewing in general, please get in touch. You can also follow me on Twitter @thebeercast.

Thanks for reading this bio, and for visiting the blog. Cheers!

The BeerCast

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