BeerCast #66 – Christmas Special 2011

Dec 20, 2011
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BeerCast #66 – Christmas Special 2011. Our festive panel get to grips with six seasonal beers, as we tuck into the mince pies and toast by the fire our fifth annual Christmas Special. On the panel today – Richard, Shovels and Grooben. As tradition has it, we also rate each beer’s label for festive factor. Merry Christmas to all of our podcast listeners, from all at the BeerCast!

1. Cotleigh Red Nose Reinbeer (5.0%)
2. Het Anker Gouden Carolus Christmas (10.5%)
3. Williams Brothers Nollaig (7.0%)
4. Sinclair Atlas Clootie Dumpling (4.3%)
5. De Ranke Père Noël (7.0%)
6. Anchor Our Special Ale 2011 (5.5%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #65 – Bières en vacances!

Nov 20, 2011
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BeerCast #65 – MrB had his annual trip to France over the summer, and as ever returned with a carload of booze. Some of this was rare beer from local brasseries, so our 65th BeerCast finds us drinking four very different French beers. It also sees the return of our ‘Can you Picon it?’ feature. On the panel today – Richard, Grooben and MrB. Apologies for the levels on this one, it was recorded in MrB’s kitchen…

1. Brasserie des Râteliers La Johannique Blanche (5.0%)
2. Cervoiserie Lancelot Bonnets Rouge (5.5%)
3. Le Moulin de Saint-Martin Ambrée (6.5%)
4. Mor Braz La Bière Cidrée (4.0%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #64 – Big BeerCast

Oct 20, 2011
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BeerCast #64 – Big BeerCast. On the 1st of October 2011, the UK Treasury increased duty on all beer over 7.5%. Listen to this podcast to find out why that’s a terrible idea, and might have serious implications for British brewing. We also sample four of the very best strong ales this country has to offer as we go, and manage to reveal the surprising history behind Bluetooth, why coffee is the new drug of choice, and how to find a greyhound on Orkney. The panel today – Richard, Grooben and Shovels.

1. Sinclair Orkney Skullsplitter (8.5%)
2. Traquair House Jacobite Ale (8.0%)
3. Thornbridge St Petersburg (7.7%)
4. BrewDog Abstrakt AB:06 (11.2%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #63 – Mmmm…beer

Aug 18, 2011
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BeerCast #63 – Mmmm…beer. Returning from our summer pod-break, we assemble a thirsty panel and tackle four beers from breweries beginning with the letter M (tenuous link, admittedly). If that wasn’t all, the beers all come from within twenty miles of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire – so very much a local tasting…if that’s your neck of the woods. On the panel today – Richard, Stuart, MrB and Grooben. Richard would like to take this opportunity to apologise to MrB’s mother…

1. Mallinsons Danger: Hops! (5.1%)
2. Magic Rock High Wire (5.5%)
3. Marble Chocolate Marble (5.5%)
4. Magic Rock Cannonball (7.4%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #62 – Hardknott Showcase

Jun 22, 2011
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BeerCast #62 – Hardknott Showcase. Cumbria’s Hardknott Brewery are the latest to feature in a BeerCast Showcase – during a recent trip to London we found four of their beers at Borough Market’s UtoBeer. Founded by publican Dave Bailey in 2005, the distinctive and interesting beers have hit a cord with British bloggers. Our panel of Richard, Shovels and Blair get to grips with them, along with a number of other subjects…

1. Hardknott Dark Energy (4.9%)
2. Hardknott Infra Red (6.5%)
3. Hardknott Queboid (8.0%)
4. Hardknott Granite 2009 (10.4%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #61 – Beer of Yesteryear

May 22, 2011
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BeerCast #61 – Beer of Yesteryear. As modern brewers seek to experiment, historic styles of ale are definitely making a comeback. Inspired by an article in the Guardian newspaper written by blogger Mark Dredge, today we sample four archaic old-fashioned ales. Moving from Elizabethan times to ancient Turkey (Bill&Ted style), we also make a stop in Celtic Britain, and pay a visit to the Vikings. Stepping into the time-travelling phone box are Richard, Shovels, and BeerCast debutant Blair. Think of a number dude!

1. Daleside Morocco Ale (5.5%)
2. Dogfish Head Midas Touch (9.0%)
3. Heather Ales Alba (7.5%)
4. Thornbridge Bracia (10.0%) @thebeercast

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