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Beer Snack #2 – Pickled Eggs

May 22, 2007

The pub snack. There are the obvious staples – the standard crisp or variations of this theme, such as twiglets, bacon rashers, or even the scampi “I can smell you from here” fries. Alas, these are but a non-entity when it comes to the might of the pickled egg. Truth be told, I’ve never had […]

Beer Snack #1 – Pork Scratchings

May 15, 2007
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This little piggy went into a bag Just think of all the good things that come from pigs (with apologies to Vegetarians). Bacon. Pork Chops. Gammon steaks. Sausages. Pork Pies (just about). The humble pig lends itself to numerous snacks and quick foodstuffs, which can be eaten from first thing in the morning (bacon roll), […]

BeerCast #1a – Light and Dark

May 3, 2007
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Old Engine Oil not pictured As soon as we decided to divide our beery adventures into country-specific chunks, we could only really start in one place. With over eighty years of cumulative ale drinking between us, Scotland had to be the first stop. The four beers chosen for the debut edition are from some of […]

BeerCast #1 Lineup

Apr 26, 2007
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Alrighty, after an intense two hour production meeting this week, the lineup and format of BeerCast episode One has been finalised. Admittedly, that took five minutes and we then spent 1hr 55min playing with the amusing sound effects in GarageBand, but there you go. We quickly realised that testing nine beers would be nigh on […]

I’ll Get Them In

Apr 17, 2007

OK so we’re working our way around the world (fuelled by beer) and we start the quest in bonny Scotland. We’ll be supping ales, lagers (supposedly) and wheat beers from Edinburgh to Glasgow through Alva, Kinlochleven, Munlochy and beyond. The beers the panel will be trying are listed below so see if you can find […]

So…what are you drinking?

Apr 9, 2007

Welcome to The BeerCast! We’re here for your all your ale-related issues. A crack team of enthusiastic amateur drinkers (although Shovels is verging on the professional), brought together in The BeerCast HQ – a cosy velvet-couched pub with a wide selection of crisps, a free pool table, and a jukebox with absolutely no easy rock […]

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