The 2011 Golden Pint Awards

Dec 8, 2011

It’s getting near to the end of the year, and putting Christmas and everything else to one side for a moment, awards and lists pop up pretty much everywhere. We’re never ones to miss a bandwagon here at the BeerCast, so here are our nominations for the 2011 Golden Pints – the UK Beer Blogger […]


Aug 11, 2011

BrewDog certainly like to blow their own trumpet – my goodness do they ever – but if you can filter out the punk-nonsense they have a number of interesting ideas. Having one eye keenly focused over the Atlantic at all times (understandable given the styles of beer they create), they have latched on to a […]

Laško Dark

Jul 25, 2011
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We’re well into the midst of the UK holiday season now (to our American friends, this means the time of year when us Brits escape the rain, not open presents). As such, no self-respecting beer website would be without a post regarding a strangely-titled Eurolager that whilst we’d never consider buying over here, put us […]

How to make…Bottle Cap Magnets

Apr 3, 2011
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If you’re the kind of thirsty person who accumulates a large number of beer bottle caps, but tends to throw them away – stop! A rewarding and (in parts) fun activity can be had, by turning the caps into fridge magnets. These can then be used in a decorative fashion, or to clip notes to […]

Mikkeller vs Kernel – coffee IPA battle

Mar 27, 2011

Mikkeller Koppi not pictured… One of the inevitable consequences of pushing the limits of conventional brewing is the blurring of boundaries. Styles are merged, blended or just ignored completely. New ingredients arrive by the dozen, are integrated into a dozen more different beers, and then potentially endless varieties of hops, malt and strains of yeast […]

When homebrew goes bad…

Nov 9, 2010

It may not pour well, but it tasted pretty good…

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