Beer of the Week – Orkney Red MacGregor

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The end is in sight, but there are still a few more amazing unsung Scottish beers on the horizon before we hit the 52nd and final beer in this series – and that beer, I should say at this point, is going to be the overall singlemost unsung beer we have currently in this part of the world. So stay tuned for that, due up on Friday the 29th of December. Before then, it’s time to head all the way to Orkney for beer #46.

It’s yet another version of the quasi-style that Scotland does better than anyone. I say quasi-style as a) it makes me sound sophisticated and b) this particular beer falls into the bracket we have seen a lot of so far. Red Ales. Ruby Ales. 80/-. Scottish Exports. Amber Ales. Essentially, what they sometimes hang on the great branching tree of bitter down in England, the roots of which don’t quite get past Carlisle. Anyway you care to categorise them, these beers are cask-hearty and taste amazing at this time of year. Like Orkney’s Red Macgregor.

46. Red MacGregor (4.0%)
The Orkney Brewery, Quoyloo, Orkney
Style: Ruby Ale
500ml bottle

Pick it up here:
At at Scottish Real Ales online (as individual 500ml bottles)

‘Delicate and sophisticated’ goes the byline, and I can totally get this as the amber ale here (or ruby) is toasty, with a caramel backbone and a fair bit of red berry fruit about it. Yet there’s an easy-going nature about it throughout. Soft and floral, this could be the ideal session beer for the late Autumn months as the nutty and bready quality give off a feeling of all the best desserts you can consume at this time of year.

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