BeerCast #49 – The MrBCast

Jun 3, 2010
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BeerCast #49 – The MrBCast. Today we turn the show over to that hop-loving Argyll native MrB, as he brings a selection of Scottish and US beers that really tickle his tastebuds. Stand by beers in their prime, beers way past their prime, and beer in cans. Alongside him today are Richard, Grooben and Shovels – and we even call on MrB’s Mum to help solve an argument…
1. Moulin Ale of Atholl (4.5%)
2. Tryst Raj IPA (5.5%)
3. Odell Cutthroat Porter (4.8%)
4. Caldera IPA (6.1%)
5. Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron (12.0%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #48 – LocoBeers

May 15, 2010
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BeerCast #48 – LocoBeers. It may not be evident at first, but British brewing and the railway network really helped eachother out back in the day. To pay tribute, our panel help themselves to four railway-themed beers. On the footplate today are Richard, Grooben and MrB. All aboard! **warning – this podcast contains extreme use of railway facts**

1. Wylam Locomotion No1 (5.0%)
2. Richmond Station Ale (4.0%)
3. Wold Top A4 Amber (4.4%)
4. Dent Porter (3.8%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #47 – Beer Four Ways

Apr 24, 2010
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BeerCast #47 – Beer Four Ways. Today on the BeerCast we try four beers from very different stables, as we taste a wheat beer, a bitter, an IPA and a stout. This show also links the two BeerCast studios, as London-based Andy and Jess travel north to podcast with Richard and Grooben. This podcast features not one but two exploding beers, questions Andy’s musical history and features an in depth discussion on moths.

1. St Austell Clouded Yellow (4.8%)
2. Dent Kamikaze (5.0%)
3. Durham St Cuthbert (6.5%)
4. Burton Bramble Stout (5.0%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #46 – Mexican Mariachi

Mar 25, 2010
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BeerCast #46 – Mexican Mariachi – Arrrrrriiiiba! Our London crew get together to sample some Mexican beer. Is there anything for the beer lover that comes from Mexico? Our crack panel of experts consider this, along with many other issues. On the bumper panel today are Andy, Jess, Marc, Francis, Nick and Andrew

1. Pacifico (4.5%)
2. Dos Equis XX Amber (4.5%)
3. Negra Modelo (5.4%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #45 – Supermarket Sweep

Feb 4, 2010
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BeerCast #45 – Supermarket Sweep. Our first podcast of 2010 and our panel discover if a spur of the moment dash round a local supermarket can produce decent results. Richard went to Morrison’s during his lunch break and picked four interesting looking beers. Will MrB and Grooben appreciate it? Stay tuned to find out, and also hear about the time Richard’s Grandad almost punched Tommy Cooper, and a tale of heartwarming cross border teen romance from MrB

1. Everards Tiger (4.2%)
2. Wychwood Circle Master (4.7%)
3. Jennings Sneck Lifter (5.1%)
4. Greene King Abbot Reserve (6.5%)

Please note, this podcast does not feature Dale Winton. @thebeercast

BeerCast #43 – Christmas Special 2009

Dec 16, 2009
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BeerCast #43 – 2009 Christmas Special. Our extra-festive panel get through a bumper selection of beers designed for the season – and in BeerCast tradition we sample as many as possible. Richard, MrB and Grooben get through five Christmas or winter beers, and discuss the variations between the styles (if any). A very Merry Christmas from all at the BeerCast!

1. Naylor’s Santa’s Choice Winter Warmer (4.9%)
2. St Peter’s Winter Ale (6.5%)
3. Anchor Our Special Ale 2009 (5.5%)
4. Ridgeway Bad Elf (6.0%)
5. Goose Island Christmas Ale (7.0%) @thebeercast

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