BeerCast #35 – Not just any BeerCast…

Jul 4, 2009
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BeerCast #35 – Not just any BeerCast. Our London panel take to the airwaves once again, having sourced some of the ‘own brand’ ales from Marks & Spencer. Brewed by some of the top producers in the country, these are badged as M&S ales and sold all over the country. Joining Andy and Jess are BeerCast first timers Nick and Kat. Unfortunately for an anchor, Andy was a touch far from the mic – but he is there!

1. M&S Buckinghamshire Ale (4.6%)
2. M&S Cornish IPA (5.0%)
3. M&S Yorkshire Bitter (4.6%)
4. M&S Organic Ale (6.0%) @thebeercast

BeerCast #32 – The Unrecorded

May 18, 2009

BeerCast #32 – The Unrecorded. Our London-based BeerCasters Andy and Jess have a life outsider beer (unlike some of us) – they are also in a band called The Unrecorded. For our latest podcast they invited the other members of the band round for a random beer selection. Stay tuned for discussions on pork pies, Vitamin C tablets and egg filters…

1. Belvoir Melton Red (4.3%)
2. Young’s Kew Gold (4.8%)
3. Wood’s Hopping Mad (4.7%)
4. Sam Smith’s Organic Best (5.0%)
5. Harvey’s Tom Paine Ale (5.5%) @thebeercast

Twitter update..

Apr 12, 2009

It’s a bit odd that me, the Twitter naysayer, nay the Twitter heretic! is doing the twitter posts. Anyway i said last week (was it last week? maybe two weeks ago) that i would post back here with an update on how we were doing on Twitter. Well, incremental progress i’d say, we started out […]

BeerCast #29 – London BOTY extra

Mar 25, 2009
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BeerCast #29 – London BOTY Extra. Our London panel couldn’t make it to Edinburgh for our recent Beer of the Year show – but they could get hold of the beer. So our 29th BeerCast podcast is our 2008 BOTY show, take two. There is a slight difference however as Theakston Double Century doesn’t make it to London – so a local replacement was found at the last minute. On the panel today – Andy, Jess and debutant Francis.

1. Theakston XB (4.5%)
2. Hop Back Summer Lightning (5.0%)
3. BrewDog Hardcore IPA (9.0%)
4. Ridgeway Blue (5.0%) @thebeercast

@thebeercast on twitter

Mar 22, 2009
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Well there we are, it’s happened, the beercast is on twitter. Now i’m as web 2.0 as the next man, not quite as much perhaps as beercast panellist Elliot Jay-2.0-Stocks but you can see from the top right there, the beercast has it’s fingers in most of the web’s 2.0’y pies. I have to be […]

Pelforth and multiply!

Feb 18, 2008
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Hello beer lovers,  It’s Andy of Andy & Jess here with my first ever blog post.  You may remember me from such podcasts as ‘The man with the beery finger’ and ‘The beerman only rings twice’ I normally pull the levers behind the scenes to get the podcast up in iTunes, but recently me and […]

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