Lågerböy Speaks – Brutal

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Lagerboy’s Swedish cousin – Lars Lågerböy – has had a couple of run-outs before, casting his deep, limpid blue eyes over Nils Oscar God Lager (god) and Norrlands Guld (not god at all). After a lengthy break indulging in crayfish parties and scanning the shelves of H&M, he returns with not one, but two canned Swedish lagers to occupy his attention.

Having taken the BeerCast kitty to his local Systembolaget, Lågerböy came up with two Spendrups beers (each hopefully better than the Norrlands) – Beervana Summer Edition, and Pistonhead Kustom Lager. Both fall under the banner of Brutal Brewing – Spendrups’ edgy, tattoo-loving persona.

Beervana is 4.5% and comes in a can that seems to pay homage to the Happy Mondays. It promises ‘clear tones of grapefruit and citrus’ and, almost, that is what you get. Sharp and crisp, definitely, there’s some vague citrus element there, combining with the cereally malt. It’s right down the pipe for Lågerböy, a decent effort indeed.

Kustom Lager is even better. A 4.9% offering that’s been dry-hopped with Amarillo and Cascade, then stuffed into a glow in the dark can. What’s not to like? Lågerböy would decorate his cave with them, if he could. With more hops in evidence than the Beervana, it pushes his gas-pleasured tastebuds to the limit. Lots of citrusy grapefruit, highly surprising. Skål!!

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