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There’s no denying Nils Oscar’s God Lager has an interesting title, as the classically-styled cream and silver label certainly grabs the attention. It got Lagerboy’s, that’s for sure (although anything higher up than Tennants usually will). The name refers less to a religious beer experience than the translation of ‘Good Lager’ into the brewery’s native Swedish. Situated about 100km south of Stockholm in the S√∂dermanland region, Nils Oscar were founded in 1996 and named after a distant relative Nils Oscar Sunderberg, who was born in 1865 and has his picture proudly displayed on the bottle.

As with Lagerboy’s previous posting regarding the Monteith Brewery in New Zealand, Nils Oscar are far more than an isolated one-trick pony. Perusing their website, they too knock out a wide range of styles including IPA’s, dark porters, barley wines and a Kalasjul√∂l – a Christmas beer that changes recipe every year (and we like those here at the BeerCast). Apart from the ales, they also find time to produce different types of vodka, and that infamous Scandinavian firewater, aquavit – serving suggestion…“Eat good and sing lots of Christmas carols among good friends.”

But back to the boring old lager – or so you would think. In fact, God Lager is anything but. Brewed as a Dortmunder-style offering with four different hops including Hersbrucker and Tettnanger, it gives off a dark earthy malt aroma. At 5.3%abv it packs a decent punch, and is highly carbonated with a strong lager aftertaste. It is the biggest seller for the brewery, and was the first to carry the Nils Oscar name – you certainly get the impression they have put everything into it. This one isn’t a refreshing summer lager for the outdoors, more an Autumnal evening one for savouring. Either way, it really is something.

Nils Oscar Brewery

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