Edinburgh Beer Weekly 22/02 – 28/02

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Welcome to the latest Edinburgh Beer Weekly! Every Sunday I’ll be posting a preview of all the beery happenings in the city for the next seven days – so you won’t miss a thing. You can sign up to the subscription service, ensuring you’ll get a notification every Sunday when the Edinburgh Beer Weekly is published. Just enter your email address in the panel on our front page. Also, follow me on Twitter (@thebeercast) to keep right up to date throughout the week. There are so many great beery things going on at the moment – stay tuned to the BeerCast, and enjoy each and every one of them!

So, what’s happening in the Edinburgh beer scene over the next seven days?

Monday 22nd 8:00pm
Belgian Beers at Appellation
Appellation Wines, 43 Dalry Road
Appellation Wines website tickets £10

The week begins in traditional style with a tasting at Appellation Wines’ Dalry branch. For this week, the topic of discussion (and sampling) is the delights of Belgian beers. From light saisons to sours, to overwhelming booze-rich dark beers. Head along to learn about these different, fascinating, styles and the history behind them.

Wednesday 24th 7:30pm
Chorlton Meet the Brewer
The Hanging Bat, 133 Lothian Rd
Chorlton Brewing Twitter Feed / Tickets available here (£25)

As we’re getting towards the end of the month it’s MTB-time at the Hanging Bat, and for this edition it’s a producer new to Edinburgh – Chorlton Brewing. The Manchester-based brewery embrace modern methods and German tradition – also in their own words ‘fresh beer – unfiltered, unpasteurised, and unfined’. With a series of fascinating beers, last year was a great one for Chorlton, so head along to the Bat for a guided talk, food and six beers across the full spectrum, finding out what inspires them along the way. Full beer list at the link above.

Thursday 25th 8:00pm
Hop Forward to Spring at Appellation CB
Appellation Wines, Comely Bank Road
Appellation Wines website tickets £10

This week sees a second tasting hosted by Appellation Wines, and fittingly it revolves around the majesty of the hop. Spring is on the way, so even though it’s still around zero outside that’s more than an excuse to crack open the piney and the resinous as well as the pithy and the fruity. All hail the mighty hop!

The Edinburgh Beer Weekly will be published every Sunday here on the BeerCast. If you have an event in or around the city that you’d like to feature – please get in touch at the usual email address. Cheers!

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