Edinburgh Beer Weekly 18/05 – 24/05

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Welcome to the latest Edinburgh Beer Weekly! Every Sunday I’ll be posting a preview of all the beery happenings in the city for the next seven days – so you won’t miss a thing. You can sign up to the subscription service, ensuring you’ll get a notification every Sunday when the Edinburgh Beer Weekly is published. Just enter your email address in the panel on our front page. Also, follow me on Twitter (@thebeercast) to keep right up to date throughout the week. There are so many great beery things going on at the moment – stay tuned to the BeerCast, and enjoy each and every one of them!

So, what’s happening in the Edinburgh beer scene over the next seven days?

Monday 18th
Blind Beer Board at the Hanging Bat
The Hanging Bat, 133 Lothian Rd
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The beery week begins tomorrow at the Hanging Bat, where an event with a difference takes place. On Monday, the now famous beer board on the brick wall of the Bat will list the beer style, abv and price – but not the name. Twenty-one ‘secret’ beers will be pouring from the taps – carefully curated by the team to be as interesting (and new) as possible. Later on this week, what you’ve been drinking will be revealed – but until then, head along, see if you can guess what the beers are, and ponder whether not knowing what’s in your glass actually matters, if it’s good.

Monday 18th 8:00pm
Fusion Beers at Appellation
Appellation Wines, 43 Dalry Road
Appellation Wines website tickets £10

Also on Monday, Appellation Wines are hosting a tasting session based around the concept of conceptual beers. With dozens and dozens of styles out there, brewers are always looking to add something interesting or unusual. So where are the lines drawn when it comes to new styles? Does anyone even know anymore? Ash and the team at Appellation Wines are there to sample a range of beers that break the norm when it comes to the recognisable.

Friday 22nd
Bow Bar Breaking Bad Beer Festival
The Bow Bar, 80 West Bow
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On Friday, The Bow Bar is hosting a one night beer festival, inspired by one of the most popular television series of recent times – Breaking Bad. With special beers brewed for the night and other things BB-related on offer (but not the one that Walt and Jessie create, of course) – and the Bow team are encouraging attendees to dress as their favourite character. The reason for the festival is not just to celebrate television; it is to raise money to combat Breaking Bad’s signature theme – cancer. Any donations to Cancer Research UK will be gratefully received.

Friday 22nd 6:00pm
Meet the Brewer – Dieu du Ciel!
BrewDog Edinburgh, The Cowgate.
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Also to end the week, BrewDog Edinburgh welcome the people and beers from one of Canada’s most exciting breweries. Montreal’s Dieu du Ciel! have many, many fans around the world – their beers are fascinating, extremely well made and hugely inventive. The bar will have eight beers on tap and a further five bottled (check the link above for the beer list), so if you want a rare chance to taste amazing offerings such as Immoralité Imperial IPA, or the sublime imperial coffee stout Péché Mortel on draught, the Cowgate is the place to head for…

The Edinburgh Beer Weekly will be published every Sunday here on the BeerCast. If you have an event in or around the city that you’d like to feature – please get in touch at the usual email address. Cheers!

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