Edinburgh Beer Weekly 16/03-22/03

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Welcome to the latest Edinburgh Beer Weekly! Every Sunday I’ll be posting a preview of all the beery happenings in the city for the next seven days – so you won’t miss a thing. You can sign up to the subscription service, ensuring you’ll get a notification every Sunday when the Edinburgh Beer Weekly is published. Just enter your email address in the panel on our front page. Also, follow me on Twitter (@thebeercast) to keep right up to date throughout the week. There are so many great beery things going on at the moment – stay tuned to the BeerCast, and enjoy each and every one of them!

So, what’s happening in the Edinburgh beer scene over the next seven days?

Tuesday 17th 6:00pm
Meet the Brewer – Kelburn Brewery
Bert’s Bar, 29 William St
Kelburn Brewery Twitter Feed

On Tuesday, William Street is also the place to be, as Bert’s Bar host a brewer from the west-side of the coutnry not often seen in person round these parts. Barrhead’s Kelburn Brewery are in town, and will be bringing several of their beers for an MTB that should hopefully feature their newly-crowned Champion Beer of Scotland, Dark Moor.

Tuesday 17th 7:30pm
Cloudwater Brewery Launch
The Hanging Bat, 133 Lothian Rd
Further Information / Tickets £15

Also on Tuesday, a real barnstormer of an event at the Hanging Bat, as the Lothian Road beery palace welcomes the first beers (and people behind them) from one of the most eagerly-awaited breweries of 2015. Manchester’s Cloudwater Brew Co have created a serious buzz in the run-up to their launch – this could well be because of the pedigree of the supergroup-style team in place. With backgrounds at Marble, Summer Wine and BrewDog (to name three), Cloudwater have a lot of extremely talented people on board, and have a lot of people in the know extremely interested. And on Tuesday, for £15 you can meet them and have eight of their beers. And there are still tickets available. Amazing!

Thursday 19th 7:00pm
Beer and Food Pairing – Williams Bros
Canons’ Gait Craft Beer Bar & Kitchen, 232 Canongate
Further Details / Tickets £30 (plus booking fee online, or call 0131 556 4481).

On Thursday, there’s a great-looking beer and food matching event taking place at the Canons’ Gait Craft Beer Bar and Kitchen (or the Gait, for convenience), featuring some extremely tempting sounding dishes from the in-house chefs paired with beer from Alloa’s finest, Williams Bros. The food list is out – check the link above – but the beers are a closely-guarded secret. Head Brewer Gordon Gelsthorpe will be in attendance, running through the matches on the evening and providing some insights as to the latest happenings at Williams Bros.

Thursday 19th 7:00pm
Tempest Tap Takeover
Ox 184, 184 Cowgate
Ox 184 Twitter Feed / Tempest Brew Co Twitter Feed

Also on Thursday, Edinburgh’s newest beer bar – the Cowgate’s Ox 184 – hosts a tap takeover and Meet the Brewer from their ‘house’ brewery, Tempest Brew Co. Not a bad home outfit to call on; if you need any reminding on how good Tempest’s beers are then just turn up and try any of them. Ox 184 is the latest bar from Fuller Thomson (Red Squirrel, Southern, Holyrood 9A), and launches of Thursday – with four taps devoted to Tempest on regular days, presumably many more on their opening night!

Thursday 19th [to Friday 20th] 12-12 both days
30th Heriot-Watt Charity Beer and Cider Festival
Heriot-Watt Student Union, Edinburgh Campus
Facebook page / Twitter Feed tickets £10, beers £1.50 per half

Beer festival season is upon us again, and traditionally the first out of the traps are the thirsty students out at Heriot-Watt University. Of course, that particular institution is renowned for its association with beer, being home to the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling. Every year, the Uni puts on a two-day festival, with all proceeds going to charity. The £10 entry gets you your first five beer tokens£5 worth of half-pint vouchers, and there will be the products of over thirty-five breweries in attendance. Anyone can attend, the only stipulation for non-students is that they email their names to hwbeerfest@gmail.com for addition to the guest list. Check the Twitter feed above for the amazing brewery line-up.

Friday 20th 5:00pm
Ten Years at the Bow
The Bow Bar, 80 West Bow
Bow Bar Twitter

The Bow Bar is one of (if not the) best pubs in Edinburgh, as I tell anyone asking for drinking tips for this city, and a large part of that is down to Manager Mike Smith. On Friday, he’s celebrating ten years at the Bow – and has prepared a list of amazing beers for the occasion, including Imperial Stouts from Alechemy and Lawman Brew Co’s, kegs from (amongst others) Beavertown, Kernel and Wild Beer Co, and Epicurian Coffee and Fig Stout from Epic in New Zealand.

Saturday 21st 3:00pm
Six beers to go with Spice
Appellation Wines, Comely Bank Road
Appellation Wines website tickets £10

Usually, the Appellation Wines tastings start the week – but this time the bottlecaps are coming off at the start(ish) of the weekend, on Saturday afternoon. It promises to be a great tasting though, as Ash will have been in the kitchen again, dishing up his legendary Thai Green Vegetable curry. But what beer to pair with it? The Appellation team will have six options, none of which will be Asian branded lagers…

The Edinburgh Beer Weekly will be published every Sunday here on the BeerCast. If you have an event in or around the city that you’d like to feature – please get in touch at the usual email address. Cheers!


  1. Neil
    March 15, 2015

    Anyone know how many cask taps Ox 184 has? Cheers.

  2. mark webberley
    March 15, 2015

    Great work on the weekly updates. Much appreciated.

    Looking forward to adding OX 184 to my list of ‘go to’ bars.

  3. Jordan Palmer
    March 15, 2015

    Hey Rich, you’ve forgot BrewDogs 4th birthday on Sunday from 12:30pm with our special beer from Pilot and some other pilot favourites including the famous Double Mochaccino.

  4. Richard
    March 15, 2015

    Not forgotten Jordan – going to add it to the next one!

  5. Norrie
    March 15, 2015


    I don’t think there’s to be any cask beers, according to their Twitter feed.

  6. Chris
    March 16, 2015

    Looking forward to herriott watt beer fest indeed

  7. Neil
    March 16, 2015

    Thanks Norrie. That would be disappointing to me but hey ho.

    On another note, if it’s Derek who’s doing the Kelburn MTB at Bert’s Bar on Tuesday he can be very entertaining.

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