Edinburgh Beer Weekly 27/01 – 02/02

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Welcome to the latest Edinburgh Beer Weekly! Every Sunday we’ll be posting a preview of all the beery happenings in the city for the next seven days – so you won’t miss a thing. You can sign up to our subscription service, ensuring you’ll get a notification every Sunday when the Edinburgh Beer Weekly is published. Just enter your email address in the panel on our front page. Also, follow us on Twitter (@thebeercast) to keep right up to date throughout the week. There are so many great beery things going on at the moment – stay tuned to the BeerCast, and enjoy each and every one of them!

So – what’s happening in the Edinburgh beer scene over the next seven days?

Monday 27th 8:00pm
The Golden Ales of Belgium at Appellation
Appellation Wines, 43 Dalry Road
Appellation Wines website tickets £10

Monday’s Appellation tasting takes place in Dalry, and features the shimmering golden ales of Flanders and Wallonia. Head along to Greater Haymarket and let Ash and the team take you on a summery, zesty tour of the very best golden beer Belgium has to offer. Or your money back.

Wednesday 29th [to February 9th]
Bow Bar Winter Beer Festival
The Bow Bar, 80 West Bow
Bow Bar twitter feed

One of the standout calendar events on the Edinburgh beer scene begins in the middle of the week – the Bow Bar Winter Beer Festival. Mike and the team always assemble an unmissable selection of beers for their festivals, and this one will be no different, with treats appearing on the tall fonts from breweries around the UK, as well as Germany, the USA, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and New Zealand. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed for what’s on, when.

Wednesday 29th 7:30pm
Meet the Brewer – Thornbridge
The Hanging Bat, 133 Lothian Rd
Further Information Tickets SOLD OUT (see below)

Yet, on the same night as the Bow’s taps are turned to festival beer, a short scurry through the Grassmarket finds the Hanging Bat devoting all of their lines to beers from the Peak District powerhouse, Thornbridge. Surely any beer fan in this country will have heard of them, but if you haven’t heard from them, Wednesday’s your chance. Except, as per usual, the tickets disappeared in seconds. But, also as per usual, the beers will be there, and Alex, Rob and Dom will be there for chatting purposes after the event.

The Edinburgh Beer Weekly will be published every Sunday here on the BeerCast. If you have an event in or around the city that you’d like to feature – please get in touch at the usual email address. Cheers!

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