The BeerCast’s Predictions for 2012

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Predictions! Who would make ’em? As a year ends with flurries of ‘best-of’ lists, so traditionally the next begins with things to look out for. Harder to argue with – but easier to be wrong about – here are the BeerCast’s five bold/misguided predictions for 2012. Feel free to quote this article back to us at a later date…

HomePicobrewers raising the bar

Homebrewing is hip. Gone are the days of the despairing boozehound fermenting things in his shed to get a cheap hit (and anyway, MrB has a scullery). Of course, you can still end up making beer for 30p a pint or whatever – but the availability of small kit and ingredients has seen a surge in quality. More and more picobrewers are bottling and even labelling their products. Whether following Stone recipes, or pulling things from cupboards – in 2012 take a chance on a friend’s homebrew. If they love beer, chances are they know how to make it too.

AlternativelyThat macaroni and bay leaf wheat beer is a step too far – at least you know a homebrewing manual would make the ideal Christmas present. If you can stomach their offerings until December…

Beer bars as destinations

You would travel to a great restaurant, if you’d heard that it did the finest cuisine in your area. Once again – where food led, beer can follow (although God help us if we ever get Michelin starred beer). For every great pub, there will soon be a great beer bar. Have a night out in either – spread the love. Hit the session beers at the Grape & Granny, then another night, treat yourself at the Stranraer Tap. It’ll happen – look for many more pretentious/awesome bars to open throughout 2012. There’s no point in fighting it.

AlternativelyThe global price of chrome and pork pies goes through the roof. Trains run on time, leaving no need for platform-based drinking. Greenpeace picket BrewDog for using as much CO2 as Australia. Mild becomes popular again…

BrewDog get competition

Speaking of the pups from Fraserburgh – and as a Scottish beer blog we’re duty bound to do so with every post – their model (love it or hate it) has been so phenomenally successful, look for others to copy soon. Imitation is, of course, the sincerest form of flattery, and there are plenty of edgy characters who would love to take time out from listening to Kasabian to emulate James and Martin. Whether in it for the beer, or simply the money, this year you might see a few more stunts, and read a lot more label weirdness. Only it won’t have originated in Kessock (or Meantime, under contract).

AlternativelyBrewDog report themselves to the inland revenue for failing to pay import tax on their colossal Simcoe addiction. The resulting hop shortage torpedoes would-be copycats, leaving the pair to recoup millions from their AB:Clink, a 69% quadruple grey IPA malted with prison gruel…

More takeovers

Sharp’s of Cornwall fell to MolsonCoors early last year. In the States, the giant macro behemoths have already started taking scalps in the ‘craft’ market – as our friends at the Aleheads (or BeeryLeaks, as I call them) have reported. Something similar could happen here this year, as larger UK producers realise they need another weapon in their armoury. So look for InBev to acquire St Austell, Theakston’s to bury that family hatchet, and Thwaites to sell out to Venky’s.

AlternativelyMystified by the continued lack of investment interest, Evin O’Riordain appears on Dragon’s Den, offering a percentage of the Kernel Brewery. Duncan Bannatyne is out straight away, but one Dragon does offer Evin the money he needs – look out for Kernel S.C.A.Paphitis.NS in 2012…

Beer becomes mainstream

Ever feel the urge to rip up the Sunday supplement when you flick past the weekly wine column and find only stairlift adverts? We may be preaching to the converted here, but beer is where it’s at these days. It may not be on Saturday Kitchen yet, but the time can’t be far away. This year, watch for the beer scene to be the new cider. Alastair Hook appears on the Secret Millionaire. The British Guild of Beer Writers to get powers of arrest. Alfie Moon serving imperial saisons at the Queen Vic. It could happen.

AlternativelyWKD Blue becomes the drink of choice for the average man, Animée for women. MolsonCoors and the SHS Group combine to buy all British media, enforcing a crackdown on any liquid that isn’t the colour of copper sulphate…

All of these things could come to pass (albeit probably not to the extent we think). For more crystal ball clarity – join us on Monday, as we list the UK breweries who we think are going to have breakout years in 2012 – and really go on to big things…

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  1. tania_nexust
    January 7, 2012

    Great post! And also frightening in how many of these things sound entirely possible and not fanciful at all …. be good to come back to it as the year progresses and see exactly where your musings match up with reality!

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