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Hey folks,

Andy here, I’m usually either tinkering with the rusty bolts and bits of string that keep the BeerCast together in the background or occasionally hosting the London podcast, it’s unusual for me to be writing a post.

The reason is pretty boring but if you are a subscriber to either our podcasts or the site’s RSS feed then please read on.

When we set up we used the address as the RSS address for subscribing to podcasts and to regular posts from the front page.

We want to separate out into two different feeds; one for regulr posts and one for podcasts. I have a feeling that a lot of people who are currently subscribed to are iTunes users who are downloading the podcasts. Really we want to use just for folks who are subscribed to the regular front page posts and we want to decant the podcasts subscribers who are currently using into our new podcast-only feed.

So! For one week only we’re going to set up a temporary redirect (known as a 302 redirect in internet parlance) of to our new feedburner podcast-only feed. This means that those of you who are subscribed to the /feed address for the posts will be a bit put out for a week – sorry, but once we’ve decanted all our podcasts listeners to the new feed address I’ll remove the redirect and your RSS readers will start to fill up again with learned, more insightful, better written and more interesting posts than this one.

I’ll turn on the redirect tomorrow (02-Jun-2011) in the evening.

Do not adjust your set!


Thanks, Andy

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