Lagerboy Speaks – BrewDog Cult Lager

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Fraserburgh’s BrewDog are certainly hot property in the brewing world at the moment, with James Watt and Martin Dickie pumping out a startling array of unusual beers. Coupled with a regular media presence, they really do like to go about their business in a different way to everyone else. Whether it’s their up-to-the-public ‘Beer Rocks’ plan to let the punters decide what they brew (currently a soon to be named blueberry and oakchip-infused black IPA), threatening to sue the watchdog Portman Group for defamation over the use of certain terms on their beer labels (Speedball, Hop Rocker, etc), or their most recent escapade – producing a new beer (Atlantic IPA), which is so authentic it has actually been aged in barrels whilst at sea (although not en route to India, but an Atlantic mackerel trawler).

We’ve featured them on the BeerCast too, their excellent Hardcore IPA made it from our Scottish IPA Special to our 2008 Beer of the Year show – and still sits in our top five all-time listing. As they are constantly turning out new types and even styles of beer, when Lagerboy noticed a bottle of their 5.4% Cult Lager he had to snap it up to give it a go. This one used to be known as Hop Rocker, but was re-branded and re-named. We had never tried it in the old guise, but as Cult Lager it pours a lovely dark golden colour and has a strong alcohol tang to the nose. The taste is pure pilsener, lagerish but with that bitter aftertaste and a hint of the citrus as well. Comparing this to certain mass-marketed German pilseners, it is far ahead of the game – Cult Lager really is worth talking about.

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