• FyneFst1

    We've all seen breweries from the inside - but what about the outside? That's where their uniqueness lies...

  • BeerHead1

    With new brewers, should we be critical from the off? Or give them a little leeway?

  • Outdoors1

    The best component of a beer's flavour is the very...very...last one...

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    It's Scotland's best beer festival - and it's getting better each year

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    If tea were alcoholic, what would it mean for beer?

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    Although the BeerCast won't be changing, other things certainly will...

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Not just the industrial…

Not just the industrial…

Jun 29, 2015

For instance, this fetching fa├žade is the Abbot Brew House in Dunfermline. The pink exterior looking quite the destination, (quite literally) highlighting the historical importance of the brewery and the beers that the team at the old building produce. Ok – not every brewery overlooks pods of dolphins leaping about, or has red squirrels scampering […]

Edinburgh Beer Weekly 29/06 – 05/07
Onions: the ultimate multi-layered pairing?
Edinburgh Beer Weekly 22/06 – 28/06


Jun 18, 2015
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Here are five of the best Scottish beers I can think of for Linger – with these, the rewards just keep on coming. Tempest Unforgiven (5.4%) A juniper rye ale with smoked oak, on cask this one goes on and on. Smoked and rauchbiers are (in)famous for their long, deep aftertastes, the addition of juniper […]

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