• Brains3

    A brewday with Cardiff's largest brewery - Brains

  • Mexas2

    Texas Ranger vs Mexas Ranger - two porters from Mikkeller, one winner...

  • IMBC14_5

    A paragraph of a blog post about IndyMan has raised some questions...

  • IMBC14_2

    IndyMan rolls around again, and is just as sumptuous as previous years,..

  • Chillies2

    When each ingredient of a beer leads you to an unexpected place, it's a joy

  • Khushis2

    Wetherspoons currently have four new pubs before Edinburgh City Planners

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Over the Road: a Brains brewday

Over the Road: a Brains brewday

Oct 23, 2014
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It’s always interesting watching brewers as they work (it’s pretty much all I can do, for one thing, until the mash tun needs emptying). Although the craft beer kit at Brains has all of the dials and switches you’d expect, Bill often does things by eye; using his experience, he mashes in by sight and […]

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