• MixedCase2

    The best way to check out the skill of a brewer? Mix it up...

  • Brewery1

    Good breweries vs Bad breweries, How does Scotland tally up?

  • Valve3

    Another new brewery for the capital - and one close to home. Valve Brewing Co launches

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    Behind the scenes at one of THE breweries of the moment...

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    Although the BeerCast won't be changing, other things certainly will...

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Edinburgh Beer Weekly 30/11 – 06/12
Mix It Up

Mix It Up

Nov 16, 2015

Is it me, or are brewers releasing far more beers these days than they used to? I know starting a blog post with that kind of question makes me sound like an old timer rattling his cane from his easy chair, but there you go. And I’ve got no evidence with which to back this […]

Edinburgh Beer Weekly 16/11 – 22/11
Good vs Bad: Scottish Breweries

Good vs Bad: Scottish Breweries

Nov 12, 2015

I speak to a lot of new breweries; even now as I’m finding less time to blog because of the day job, I am contacted by upcoming producers almost on a weekly basis. And it’s great; it shows that more and more people are wanting to get into the brewing industry, and for us as […]

On the double – the rise of Tempest Brewing Co

On the double – the rise of Tempest Brewing Co

Nov 10, 2015

“My relationship with hops is a difficult one,” says Gavin Meiklejohn, leaning against the back bar of the Safari Lounge in Edinburgh. “I mean, they got me into brewing – but the global demand for specific varieties just leads to shortages. Especially once the big boys step in. Take Nelson Sauvin – the price for […]

Edinburgh Beer Weekly 09/11 – 15/11
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