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    How might a 'Yes' vote in the Independence referendum change Scottish beer?

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    Pink beer, staplers and the Queen of Soul - introducing Sumac Me Feel Like a Natural Saison

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    "Oh, we're really doing it then?" – the story of Buxton's Double Axe

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    e-Berater – don't get ticked off, brewers, get even

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    The Southern's annual homebrewing competition threw up another surprise, but deserving, winner...

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    The Little White Lies of Beer - we all tell them to ourselves, from time to time...

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    Eurolager - the reset button we all need, from time to time?

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How will Independence affect Scottish beer?
Edinburgh Beer Weekly 15/09 – 21/09
“Ohhhh wowwww, that is Barbie pink” – Sumac Me Feel Like a Natural Saison

“Ohhhh wowwww, that is Barbie pink” – Sumac Me Feel Like a Natural Saison

Sep 12, 2014
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It started with a stapler. Leith’s Pilot Beer have a long-held, and oft-stated, love affair with their Rapesco office hardware. I’ve yet to come across a brewery Twitter account, in my experience, with more of an affinity for thunking pieces of paper together. And yet, it turns out they are not alone. Following a chance […]

“Oh, we’re really doing it then?” – the story of Buxton’s Double Axe
e-Berater – don’t get ticked off, get even
Edinburgh Beer Weekly 08/09 – 14/09
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