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    I'm taking three weeks off...see you soon

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    On Thursday the Scottish Real Ale Festival rolls round again – with more new beer than ever

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    Craft Beer Rising is coming to Glasgow

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    Moderation before Consumption. Is it the future?

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    Have we reached peak beer? Taking a look at the number of Scottish brewery openings since 1980...

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    Introducing this year's Natural Selection Brewing team

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See you in August…

See you in August…

Jul 10, 2014

For one very important reason, I am going offline for the next three weeks. So there won’t be any posting, tweeting or Edinburgh Beer Weeklies until the start of August. I’m sure you’ll survive… Normal service will be resumed next month; in the meantime, enjoy your beer! Cheers Richard

Scottish Real Ale Festival 2014 Preview

Scottish Real Ale Festival 2014 Preview

Jul 9, 2014

The Scottish Real Ale Festival is almost upon us once again, with doors opening at noon tomorrow (the 10th) at the Corn Exchange out in Slateford. The all-important beer list is pretty much finalised; if everyone comes through with the casks, this time there will be 53 different breweries present at the Corn Exchange – […]

Craft Beer Rising comes to Glasgow
Moderation before Consumption?

Moderation before Consumption?

Jul 7, 2014

At the end of last week, a press release plopped into my inbox from the team at Harvey’s Brewery in East Sussex, promoting the launch of their new beer, Harvey’s R. A teaser campaign has been running for a few weeks, apparently, to peak interest in the new product, which officially launched last Friday, the […]

Edinburgh Beer Weekly 07/07 – 13/07
Have we reached peak beer?

Have we reached peak beer?

Jul 2, 2014

As anyone who’s sat through a boxed set of Grand Designs in a single-showing will tell you, sometimes you can simply have too much of a good thing. By the end of the sixth episode, as Kevin gives another evocative summation to camera (which is either on ground level or high above him), your finger […]

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