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    Can hotel-room drinking ever give the beer a chance to shine?

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    Angry at the Budweiser Super Bowl Ad? Maybe you need to see the bigger picture...

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    Scottish beer has another trade organisation. So what's different about TBAS?

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    JD Wetherspoon in Edinburgh update - 2 approved, 2 denied?

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    Breweries to watch, 2015. Eleven producers with interesting stories for this coming brewing year

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    Although the BeerCast won't be changing, other things certainly will...

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As the brewer intended…

As the brewer intended…

Mar 2, 2015
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Does all this emergency chilling and non-optimal glassware diminish the work of the brewer? After all, they spent hours brewing this particular beer following months (or years) honing the recipe to perfection, only for you to drink from a vessel that formerly housed your toothbrush. Hotel room-based drinking is a means to an end, and […]

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Angered by the Budweiser Super Bowl ad? You’re missing the point…

Angered by the Budweiser Super Bowl ad? You’re missing the point…

Feb 6, 2015

Look, let’s not all get – as they would say – our panties in a wad. I’ve watched AB-InBev’s ‘anti-craft beer’ advert five times now, and it’s made me…laugh, five times. There’s simply no point in hammering out angry diatribes against it, about what it says when it implies craft beer drinkers are moustachioed dweebs […]

Edinburgh Beer Weekly 02/02 – 08/02
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