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    Beer - why is it the obvious thing to reach for?

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    Sometimes breweries get out of the blocks extremely quickly...

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    The best beer adverts are the ones that stick with you (for decades)...

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    The takeover of Inveralmond by Innis & Gunn is going to benefit both parties - and here's how...

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    Although the BeerCast won't be changing, other things certainly will...

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Innis and Gunn Inveralmond Brewery

Innis and Gunn Inveralmond Brewery

Apr 18, 2016

Inveralmond receive investment whether they were looking for it or not (and they may well have been, it could be there was no smoke without fire). There’s specific mention of the brewing staff being retained by their new owners, which is understandable given the weight towards sales/marketing staff as opposed to brewhouse workers at I&G. […]

Faro – Neither Fish nor Foul
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