• Mexas2

    Texas Ranger vs Mexas Ranger - two porters from Mikkeller, one winner...

  • IMBC14_5

    A paragraph of a blog post about IndyMan has raised some questions...

  • IMBC14_2

    IndyMan rolls around again, and is just as sumptuous as previous years,..

  • Chillies2

    When each ingredient of a beer leads you to an unexpected place, it's a joy

  • Khushis2

    Wetherspoons currently have four new pubs before Edinburgh City Planners

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IndyMan 2014; swimming pool rules
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IndyMan 2014 Preview

IndyMan 2014 Preview

Oct 6, 2014

This week, the unremitting beery calendar flicks around to one of the true highlights of the year: The Independent Manchester Beer Convention (or IMBC, IndyMan, IndyManBeerCon, depending on how you want to pad out a paragraph). 2014 will be the third running of the annual pool party, and having been to the previous two, I’m […]

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