Lagerboy Speaks – Colonsay Lager

Jul 8, 2007
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Beer fancying isn’t just about a competition to find the darkest, strongest, most pungeant brew you can. Most beer websites and blogs do tend to concentrate on that end of the spectrum, but only because they tend to be the most interesting and flavoursome. Even the most ardent lagerfan would probably admit the lack of […]

BeerCast #1 – Count the Shillings

Jun 11, 2007
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BeerCast #1 – Count the Shillings. Welcome to the BeerCast! A brand new podcast for all your beery needs. Richard and Shovels broadcast from a secret location in Edinburgh, reviewing beers and discussing news from the brewing world. In our debut podcast, we tackle the classic Scottish style – 80/-

1. TSA William Wallace (4.5%)
2. Belhaven St Andrews Ale (4.6%)
3. Caledonian Golden Promise (4.5%) @thebeercast

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