Beer of the Week – Traquair House Ale

Beer of the Week – Traquair House Ale

Jan 27, 2017

Time to turn the attention towards a single beer for the week-ending post looking at one of the classic Scottish examples you should try (if you haven’t already). Since starting in the first week of the year I’ve highlighted three unsung heroes of Scottish brewing – Fyne Ales Highlander, Swannay Old Norway and Broughton Old […]

BeerCast #64 – Big BeerCast

Oct 20, 2011
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BeerCast #64 – Big BeerCast. On the 1st of October 2011, the UK Treasury increased duty on all beer over 7.5%. Listen to this podcast to find out why that’s a terrible idea, and might have serious implications for British brewing. We also sample four of the very best strong ales this country has to offer as we go, and manage to reveal the surprising history behind Bluetooth, why coffee is the new drug of choice, and how to find a greyhound on Orkney. The panel today – Richard, Grooben and Shovels.

1. Sinclair Orkney Skullsplitter (8.5%)
2. Traquair House Jacobite Ale (8.0%)
3. Thornbridge St Petersburg (7.7%)
4. BrewDog Abstrakt AB:06 (11.2%) @thebeercast