England v Scotland – the live beer challenge

England v Scotland – the live beer challenge

Aug 19, 2013
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Last week, for the first time in fourteen years, England and Scotland met on the football field. To commemorate the welcome return of the home international, we thought it only right to emulate the occasion in the only way we know how – by drinking beer (and in an orderly, pre-defined, yet rapid manner). Not […]

Best of British

Mar 2, 2012

Why would you not drink beer? I mean, seriously, it’s pretty much the best thing there is. Fair enough, if religious or health reasons preclude you from taking alcohol, but if not – why don’t you drink beer? How can you be satisfied with cheap lager or wine? What does Smirnoff have that decent beer […]

Best new beers of 2011…the best of the rest

Dec 18, 2011
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List-making is par for the course at this time of year – which explains our recent flurry of posts detailing our favourite new British beers. The trouble with compiling lists, however, is that you can’t add everything (unless it’s one of those Channel 4 shows like ‘the best 100 children’s breakfast cereals’). Listing our six […]

2008 London Drinker Festival

Mar 18, 2008

Last week, the Camden Centre in Kings Cross hosted the 2008 London Drinker Beer Festival, and the BeerCast was there on consecutive nights (just to make sure we didn’t miss anything). Held in a converted theatre, the elbow to elbow crowds again demonstrate the increasing popularity of ‘real ale’ – which can only be a […]