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BeerCast #1 Lineup

Alrighty, after an intense two hour production meeting this week, the lineup and format of BeerCast episode One has been finalised. Admittedly, that took five minutes and we then spent 1hr 55min playing with the amusing sound effects in GarageBand, but there you go. We quickly realised that testing nine beers would be nigh on impossible if we wanted to a) keep the podcast to under a couple of hours, and b) wanted to go to work the next morning. So we trimmed the list down slightly, to four beers. But fret not, for Episode 2 will be the other five – yes, Scotland has a two-parter.

Try and find the beers below and taste them along with the panel. If you’re in the UK, they are all available at branches of ASDA and Waitrose, along with possibly other supermarkets and specialist beer retailers. Elsewhere, try your local fancy liquor store, hypermarch√©, or bottle shop – hopefully some of these will have made it overseas. In the USA, affiliated retailers certainly stock Old Engine Oil, for example. Best of luck!

But it’s not just ales and lagers on the BeerCast. It’s been scientifically proven to be impossible to drink beer in a pub without the mind turning to snacks. After all, there’s only so much room it can slosh around in without something to soak it up. So inserted into each episode will be a specialist section on the humble bar snack, one per edition. We have an idea of a few to start with – but any suggestions of things to eat with beer are welcome – email us at the BeerCast address. Providing we can find some before Monday, we’re starting the (as yet un-named) segment with the most famous British beer drinking snack ever. Stay tuned.

BeerCast Episode 1 selection

So…what are you drinking?

Welcome to The BeerCast! We’re here for your all your ale-related issues. A crack team of enthusiastic amateur drinkers (although Shovels is verging on the professional), brought together in The BeerCast HQ – a cosy velvet-couched pub with a wide selection of crisps, a free pool table, and a jukebox with absolutely no easy rock whatsoever. Or it might be all easy rock, I’ve no idea. We’re not here for such frivolity, we’re here to inform and amuse about the joys of beer. With this in mind, our HQ contains an unrivalled selection of pilsners, lagers and strange musty-smelling things with odd names. Come in and pull up a comfy stool and join our adventurous panellists as we…

– Bring you all the latest relevant Beer news
– Tempt you with our favourite recommendations
– Inform you of the location of outstanding pubs
– Controversially ‘out’ awful beers and terrible bars
– Attempt many corny gags and oneliners (unavoidable, I’m afraid)
– Work our way around the world, tasting-wise…

…which is where you come in. Along with the regular updates, every fortnight the panel will assemble and taste a selection of beers from a particular country or region. Each time we’ll give you notice, so you can join in at home, sampling them alongside us and pitting your views and opinions against ours. Will you agree? Will you be angered? Will our ‘mystery tasters’ be revealed?

First up, we’ll be sampling some of the many beers brewed in Scotland. Have a look in your favourite retailer – see how many Scottish ales you can get hold of. Nearer the time, we’ll let you know what specific beers we’ll be trying. Grooben has already been volunteered to drink Tennants…