Is having an opinion ‘noisome’?

Mar 31, 2011

Roger Protz – beer writer and editor of the Good Beer Guide – isn’t short of an opinion or two, which he frequently displays in his monthly column in What’s Brewing?. When I read his latest column in the April edition of CAMRA’s newspaper I had to suppress more than a chuckle at his closing […]

BeerCast #59 – IPA is Dead

Mar 29, 2011

BeerCast #59 – IPA is Dead. Last month Fraserburgh’s BrewDog released a series of four India Pale Ales to showcase the wonderful versatility of hops. Our panel sample each of the 7.5% beers – the only difference between them being the variety of hop used – and discuss whether is really means the end for IPA, or just another beginning. To test things a bit further, we throw in another singe hop IPA for good measure – well, why not? On the panel today – Richard, Shovels, Grooben and Stu. Stand by for big scores, big discussions, and the best way of cleaning a lion’s cage…

1. BrewDog IPA is Dead Bramling X (7.5%)
2. BrewDog IPA is Dead Nelson Sauvin (7.5%)
3. BrewDog IPA is Dead Sorachi Ace (7.5%)
4. BrewDog IPA is Dead Citra (7.5%)
5. Kernel IPA Citra (7.2%) @thebeercast

Mikkeller vs Kernel – coffee IPA battle

Mar 27, 2011

Mikkeller Koppi not pictured… One of the inevitable consequences of pushing the limits of conventional brewing is the blurring of boundaries. Styles are merged, blended or just ignored completely. New ingredients arrive by the dozen, are integrated into a dozen more different beers, and then potentially endless varieties of hops, malt and strains of yeast […]

Beer duty to rise 7.5%

Mar 23, 2011

How much will these cost in September? In today’s budget the Chancellor George Osborne announced that beer duty would rise in line with the controversial alcohol duty escalator. “I have no further changes to those measures put in place by the previous government,” he said – retaining the escalator introduced by the previous administration. Roughly […]

Lagerboy Speaks – Thornbridge Italia

Mar 19, 2011
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Lagerboy hasn’t had a runout for a while – he tends to spend the winter months hibernating to avoid the plethora of dark beers that appear once the days begin to lengthen. But seeing as the sun has started to peak out from behind the sleety Edinburgh clouds, he set out on a mission to […]

BrewDog Edinburgh opens

Mar 16, 2011

The latest addition to the growing BrewDog empire arrived quietly last night, with the laid-back opening of BrewDog Edinburgh. Following the original in Aberdeen, the second branded bar for the Fraserburgh operation opened with a very unBrewDog-like ‘soft’ launch – primarily to check everything worked before the official launch in a few days. The BeerCast […]

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