Theakston Old Peculier

Jan 25, 2010
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“Legend” is a word that can be overused in today’s fawning celebrity culture, and is increasingly being applied to almost anyone and everything – even, of course, beer. As a county, Yorkshire is never shy about promoting locals to legendary greatness, whether it’s Captain Cook or Fred Trueman. However, the website of Masham brewer Theakstons […]

BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32.0%)

Jan 17, 2010
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There’s really no escaping Fraserburgh’s BrewDog at the moment. The unorthodox twosome from the Aberdeenshire coastline must account for more column inches than all other Scottish brewers combined. Of course, we’re no different – we’ve featured and reviewed several of their beers over the last couple of years. With our recent 2009 Beer of the […]

BeerCast #44 – Beer of the Year 2009

Jan 12, 2010

BeerCast #44 – 2009 BOTY Show. The highlight of any BeerCast year is the Beer of the Year Show – where our four highest-scoring beers are re-tested and we pick a winner. Previous BOTY Champions are Hop Back Summer Lightning and Anchor Special Ale 2006. Which beer out of these four will join them? Our specially extended panel travel to a secret location – Shovels, Andy, MrB, Richard, Jess and Grooben brave the snow to pick a BOTY. Our panel also test a bonus beer – the (at the time) strongest beer in the world…

1. St Austell Tribute (4.2%)
2. Carnegie Starkporter 2008 (5.5%)
3. Stone Ruination IPA (7.7%)
4. Goose Island Christmas Ale 2009 (7.0%)
5. BrewDog Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32.0%) @thebeercast